Hi friends,

I’ve missed you.  It’s been years…literally.  A couple of my friends have asked me to start posting again, so I’m thinking about it…   I like keeping track of things I’ve loved in the past, if nothing else.  So, I’ll keep this short and just go over a few favorites I’ve been loving.  Not much has changed there…I’m still obsessed with the world of beauty and I think I will forever be.

cliniqueClinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation.  Well, I don’t have to time to explain how deep my love of this foundation goes…  So, I’ll sum it up by saying that it’s amazing.  It’s perfect and it’s truly my HG foundation.  It’s a good skin day in a bottle.  Tons of coverage, but wears well all day…even without a setting spray.  I get the color, Breeze, which is the lightest shade.  I get mine at Sephora, but Ulta carries it as well.  This gem retails for $28, but you only need a small amount.  Therefore, it lasts forever.

kvdKat Von D Lock-it Powder Foundation.  Um, this stuff is glorious.  I used it once and I knew it was going to be HG status and guess what?  It is.  I’ve bought it twice now and will continue to buy this as long as they make it.  You can use it alone, but I use it as a foundation setting powder.  I want my makeup locked and loaded…it doesn’t need to go anywhere until I wash my face.  The combo of this powder and the foundation above gives me a flawless finish all day.  Because of the pale skin thing…I wear the lightest shade in this too.  Light 42.  I also get this at Sephora and it retails for $35.  Pricey, I know.  BUT, so worth the splurge.  It’s amazing stuff, folks.

pixiSpeaking of locked and loaded makeup, I discovered this gem a couple of years ago and I just can’t fall in love with anything else.  It has stolen my heart.  It’s a setting spray, it’s by Pixi, it’s pink, and it smells like old fashioned cosmetics mixed with rose.  I imagine sitting in a fluffy, pink boudoir chair when I spray this.chair It feels amazing.  It gives skin a glow without looking greasy(there’s a fine line there).  It’s magical.  I even wondered if it’s made from unicorn tears, but I seriously doubt it.  I’m kidding of course, but my point is...BUY THIS NOW.  It keeps the oil-ies from my t-zone in check and just gives my makeup an airbrushed look.  I get it at Target and it retails for $15.  The proper name is Makeup Fixing Mist.  Throw this in your red cart the next time you’re out.  You’ll thank me later.

sgYears ago, in the depths of Target I discovered a brand called Soap & Glory.  I tried a few things, fell in love with the line, then Target stopped carrying it.  Go figure, I thought.  Fast forward and now it’s back not only at Target, but also at Ulta and Walgreens.  It’s ahhhh-mazing. It retails for $13-14, depending upon where you buy it.  I always say that Soap & Glory is my jam and it really is.  My favorite scent is the signature pink scent.  It’s girly, but also soapy and clean at the same time.  I love the entire line, but the body butter is out of this world good.  The best part, you can smell it on your skin all day.  Anyhow, this beauty is called The Righteous Butter.  It’s thick, fluffy, and sinks right in.  Not greasy at all.  And if you fall head over heels for the scent like I did, there’s a matching body mist and scrub.  Just thinking about it, makes me want to put some on right now.  It’s gorgeous and you will feel like a million bucks after putting it on.  Guaranteed.


Last but certainly not least, is a pot of gold.  It’s called Ultrabland.  It’s from Lush.  And it just might be heaven on earth, if you ask me.  Lord have mercy.  First time I used it I thought, WHAT in the world is this?!  It’s perfection, is what it is.  I’ve used a million cleansers, but now nothing compares to this.  It retails for $30.  It’s pricey for cleanser, but you just need a tiny amount.  Great year round, but made for the winter months.  It’s basically like giving your skin a huge drink of water and coating it with moisturizer…just with one cleanse.  I could talk about Lush for days…uh, maybe years…but I will spare you for now.  If you suffer from dry skin, definitely pick this up.  Not much in it(as far as chemicals and such), so it would be great for even sensitive skin.  I look forward to washing my face at night when I have this in my arsenal.  It’s “bland” in the sense that there’s really no scent to it…but not in any other way.  It should be called “magical fairy dust”, if you ask me.  How do those people that name products find their jobs?  Cause I want THAT job.

That’s all I’ve got for now, beauties.  Hope that you find this post helpful.  It probably should come with the disclaimer of:  “You’re about to spend a lot of money after reading this.”   The real question is…what are you all loving right now?

Hope you’re well.  Much love.