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Ok, first I need to confess something.  The topic of today’s post is something I have only used once.  Yes, once.  But, sometimes that’s all it takes in order to just know….you know?  What I mean by that is….you know you’re in love and you know this product is worth all the hype and you know it’s just amazing in every sense of the word.  Very long run-on sentence describing a very long product name.  It’s none other than the REN Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm.

REN is a skincare line that specializes in keeping their products pure and clean.  I can’t speak for the rest of the line, as this scrub is the only thing I’ve tried…but, it’s definitely high quality.  I normally tend to go for sugar scrubs, but this is a salt scrub.  It’s scrubby, yet it’s not scrubby to the point that it hurts your skin.  The salt particles are finely milled and it goes on like a thick lotion….borderline body cream.  It literally feels so nice, that I hate to even wash it off down the drain.  It’s just that good.

It’s made with peppermint oil, but it doesn’t remind me of a pack of gum.  You know the peppermint I’m talking about…  It’s more like a “spa in the most luxurious city you can imagine” peppermint.  It’s soothing and relaxing, yet I can see how it would be invigorating too.  Especially if you use it in the morning or after a workout.  It leaves your skin feeling clean, cool, and moisturized.  Not the cheapest for a scrub, but it’s worth every single penny.  I can’t wait to buy more and I just got this one.  If you like scrubs at all, you need this in your life.  It’s seldom that something reaches the “I don’t want to wash this off” level with me.  But, this is glorious.  It smells like heaven, it feels like heaven, and it just transports you to another world.  Close your eyes, sniff, and let the scrubbing begin…  Nevermind the fact that it makes your skin feel like velvet afterwards.  I got mine at Nordstrom, but you can also order directly from Ren.  Here’s a link if you’re interested:  http://www.renskincare.com/p/3083/Guerande+Salt+Exfoliating+Body+Balm

I’m not affiliated, just a huge fan.  I can see myself hoarding this beauty just so I’m never without it.  I’ve tried a million scrubs in my lifetime, but dare I say this may be my favorite one of all.  Just gorgeous.  If you’ve tried this, I would love to hear your thoughts!  Any other recs from the line would be appreciated too.  I am dying to try more!