This entry will be about a product that I have come to know and love in a very short period of time. I bought this product about a month ago and I literally cannot stop using it. It’s luxurious, it smells amazing, and it feels like heaven on my skin. Never mind the fact that it’s magic in a bottle. I’m not really sure what it does; I only know that it makes my skin look and feel fantastic. This isn’t something I used a few times and saw results from…I saw them right away. I could have a love affair with this product. It’s none other than the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. I won’t lie…I’m a complete sucker for product packaging and names. I heard the name of this…Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil…and it stopped me mid thought, mid sentence, mid everything…and I said, “Oooooooh now what is that?! With a name that even sounds gorgeous, it’s got to be amazing stuff!” So, I started doing my beauty obsessed research that I resort to when I just have to know about a product and whether or not it’s any good.

I’m certain my wallet would wish I would stop. It’s a real sickness…this beauty stuff. I have an enormous skincare stash, but I knew I needed this in my life asap. I had a gift card to a department store in my area, so I bought this beauty. And since I used a gift card, no harm done if I didn’t like it…right? Like how I can justify any beauty purchase?! Well, the reviews I had read were accurate and the hype? Very deserved and very much the truth. This stuff feels gorgeous, smells gorgeous, and makes my skin look like the epitome of gorgeous. It’s for dehydrated skin and while it’s an oil, it sinks in right away. You aren’t left feeling like a grease pit, but rather with plump and juicy skin. It’s an oil that feels like velvet and sinks in before you can even blink. The smell had to grow on me because it does have a patchouli note, but not the dirty smelling patchouli. It’s a scent of maturity, elegance, and relaxation. It’s calming and feels like heaven when you put it on. I only use a tiny bit…maybe a couple of droplets…so it will last a long time I think. The directions say to use it every couple of days, but I’ve been using it every night. It’s magical and I can’t really explain why. I just know it gives results immediately. I’ve had a few samples here and there of Clarins products, but this one was my first full sized product. I’m completely smitten and I can’t wait to try more from the line. There aren’t enough words in the English language to explain how much I love this oil. I even look forward to washing my face at night just so I can use this product. Try this little beauty if you haven’t. The price is kind of steep, but your love for this will run deep. I will stop eating granola for the rest of my life if you don’t like it….and I LOVE granola… Point is, it’s a beautiful product and it will make your skin feel like satin. You will thank me.

If you’ve already tried it, let me know your thoughts. Also, if you have any other recommendations or must haves from Clarins…I’d love to hear them! Always looking for new things to try and add to my never ending wishlist. Much love.