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Revlon has done it again.  They have really brought it this year with their new powder blush.  You know how I mentioned Haute Pink a couple of weeks ago?  Well, I recently picked up three more colors in this line.  Guilty as charged.  They are, I am.  The last one I picked up is the reason for this blog post.  It’s not a color that screamed, “buy me!” when I saw it on the shelf.  In fact, I passed on it a couple of times before giving in to its temptation.  I thought it would be too light.  Well, I thought wrong.  Now mind you, I am fair skinned….we are talking English Rose type skin here….  SO, that could be the reason this shows up so well on my face.  But, after day two(didn’t take long to fall for this one)of using this beauty…I can tell you it’s very build-able and I think any skin tone could wear it.  Don’t let the lightness of it fool you like it did me.  This baby is pigmented and gorgeous.  It gives me that “oh wow, I look so dewy and fresh today” look.  To be honest, I just grabbed it and slapped it on today kind of in a hurry.  Hours later, I looked in the mirror at work and thought, “wow, my makeup looks fantastic today!”  I don’t think that often, so trust me…I definitely don’t say that out of arrogance.  It’s the kind of blush that somehow looks better the longer you wear it.  It settles on your face and just gives an impeccable glow.  It’s flawless, doll-like, and very angelic goddess looking.  Like you’ve just emerged from a commercial set or makeup chair with pink goodness all around you….fresh flowers, cotton candy, candles, and ethereal everything…

This is none other than, Oh Baby! Pink.  Told ya everything was pink!  Read more here:  http://www.revlon.com/Revlon-Home/Products/Face/Blush/Revlon%20Blush%20Poudre.aspx.

You need this in your life today.  Get to your nearest drugstore asap and pick this up.  You’ll be swooning in no time, I promise.  Then after wearing it a few hours, you will look in the mirror and suddenly find yourself uttering its name…Oh Baby!  Revlon, you have outdone yourself once again.  My cheeks and wallet thank you.  This is true beauty for a bargain and it’s quite the steal.  Be still my heart…I think I need the entire line.