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One day, Michael Todd skincare became all the rage on Youtube and in beauty blogs.  Some of the videos were sponsored and some were not.  I was curious to see what all of the hype was about.  It’s amazing how I don’t typically follow fads in any other aspect of my life, but when it comes to beauty…all bets are off.  I want to try everything, no matter how popular it is…or isn’t.  I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered a trial sized kit from Micheal Todd True Organics and several…ahem..many…orders later…there’s one little beauty that shines through no matter what I incorporate into my skincare routine.  I like a lot of the MTTO products and there are a few I even love, but this one….I am obsessed with.  I will never be without it.  I reach for it when my skin feels gross, under the weather, or lifeless.  I reach for this when I want to look especially pretty that day.  I reach for this just because I can.  It’s always in my arsenal and quite the little savior.  Hence, why I call it my “good skin day in a bottle” product.  I smile when I reach for the tube because I know that I can rely on it to give me amazing results.  It is none other than the Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub.  Read more here:  http://www.michaeltoddtrueorganics.com/product-type/scrubs-polishes/mtto-jojoba-charcoal-facial-scrub.html

This review isn’t sponsored.  I have bought this many times with my own money and will continue to do so.  I love this stuff….I can’t express how much.  You only need a tiny bit and the results are immediate. The jojoba beads are exfoliating, but still very gentle. I think even enough to use every few days, if you really want to. I use it about once a week, but more when my skin needs to look and feel brighter. The charcoal helps to detox your skin and clean out your pores in the meantime.  Just as I feel better when my makeup looks nice; I feel that much better when my skin looks nice.  After all, it’s your canvas.  It makes no difference what paint you use if the canvas hasn’t been cared for.  Try this if you haven’t; it’s truly amazing stuff.  You will thank me when your skin smiles back you.