Left to right:  Butter Gloss in Cherry Pie, Glam Gloss in Beat Goes On, Glam Gloss in Paint The Town, and Xtreme Shine Lip Cream in Spicy.


Buuuuuuuuttttter gloss.  This is the sister to the Butter Lip Balm and Butter Lipstick also by NYX.  This gloss is a creamy consistency, it’s not sticky, it’s not gloopy, and it’s certainly not thin or watery.  You know, those lip glosses that are gone from your lips before you even get the cap back on?  What’s the point, I ask?  No pun intended, but these truly are buttery.  This gloss is silky, but not slippery.  I got Cherry Pie and it’s a great true red.  As you know, I sort of am a fan of red anything.  It can be worn over lipstick or pigmented enough to wear alone. This wore well on me, too.  Not well to the point that you can eat and it’s still there…but well for gloss. Huge thumbs up and I will be trying other colors!  Oh yeah, and it smells slightly fruity.  However, I can’t smell or taste anything while wearing it.


Glam Gloss…these babies are so shiny and pretty.  They remind me of liquid diamonds.  Doesn’t that even sound pretty?!  They are gorgeous.  I wouldn’t say the wear is as good or long as the Butter Gloss, but I love how sparkly they are.  Not in the sense that you look like a walking disco ball, but like liquid diamonds dripping from your lips.  Someone would say, “ooh la la…look at that sparkle!”  Ok, I really have no idea if anyone would say that and that was just creepy, but you get the point…  They are gorgeous.  They have a thinner consistency, but they aren’t sticky or gloopy.  The smell of them is somewhere between plastic(I’m not going to lie)and just plain typical lipstick.  BUT, they are so pretty that I just deal with it.  I can’t really smell or taste anything while they are on.  I have worn them alone, but prefer to wear them over lipstick.  I have Beat Goes On and Paint The Town and they add just the right amount of “oomph“.  Will definitely try other colors.


Xtreme Shine, I love thee…  Let me count thy ways.  This is perfect.  It’s the right amount of gloss, but thick enough to be almost like melted lipstick.  Does that make sense?  Not thin like gloss, but not as thick as lipstick…  They are creamy, SUPER pigmented, and just really nice.  The wear isn’t as good as a lipstick per say, but they are so nice to just throw on.  They are the perfect “in between” of lipstick and lip gloss.  If they had a baby, this would be it.  I have worn it alone and over lipstick just to have that extra shine.   I have Spicy, which is a muted true red.  Gorgeous.  Sassy.  Fun.  I highly recommend these if you haven’t tried them.  To me, they just have that typical lipstick smell.  But, I don’t smell or taste anything while wearing it. Sensing a theme here…  Just try them; I promise you will love them.  I am definitely picking up more of these.


I got mine at Ulta, but you can also order online at  Try them out and let me know what you think!  I could seriously have a love affair with NYX, but that’s a whole different topic and blog post.  *smooches*