Everyday when I leave my house, I pray for others and myself. It has become a habit, I suppose, but a good one to have. Pray for what, you ask? Protection, guidance, and the ability to bless and be blessed. Yesterday, I was blessed by a co-worker. We were discussing something specific and she told me, “just be yourself, be professional of course, which you always are…and then just be yourself.” It’s amazing how it feels when you realize someone else has more faith in you than you do in yourself. For the most part, I would say I have a good amount of confidence. But even so, it’s so nice to have little reminders like this. She completely turned my day around even though she didn’t realize it. Moral of the story is: Be kind to those around you…God knows there’s not enough kindness in this world anymore. Also, if you believe in someone…tell them. You have no idea the difference it can truly make not only in their day, but in their heart. Be the best you, you can be today. I believe in you.