Funny how that one simple word can open up an entire world of conversation.  Normally, when I sit down to write my blog posts…I have an idea or thought process in mind.  Today, I have nothing.  I will tell you a story for my lack of thoughts this evening…

I met someone this week.  This person reminded me a lot of my past self.  Not a form of my past self that I loved then or now, especially. Self, nonetheless. It’s amazing how when you take a step forward and away from your old self, you can clearly see what you were and were not. I still cringe when I picture that Shana, but it’s being her for awhile that created the Shana I am today. During some of the hardest moments in my life; I remember hoping and praying for someone or something to bless my life. If even for a second. To smile was a relief. To smile and really *feel* it. I’ve come a long way from that path but because of it, I can now offer advice to those I encounter that are still walking it. They say you live and learn. I say both are a choice. It’s your choice to truly live and to do something meaningful with your life. And, it’s certainly your choice to learn from your past. Live the wisdom you wished you had had then. Not to say I have all the answers…that’s so far from the truth. I can only share my wisdom from my journey thus far. I spoke to this person as though I was speaking to my past self. Never think too highly of yourself that you can’t help someone else…it just isn’t right. Don’t be afraid to uncover your own dirt if it’s going to help another soul. If you were in the trenches, you would want someone to help you. The moral of the story is this; even if the sight of someone reminds you of a you that you never want to re-visit; don’t be afraid to share that version of yourself with that person. It’s the, “see, I’m pretty imperfect too” moments that show you what you’re really made of, shows that person they are never alone, and shows you how far you’ve come. Sweet diamond in the rough, shine on.