Sorry sweet blog of mine…sorry to my sweet readers; it seems I have abandoned you.  I’ve been so busy and this month has flown by.  Sorry for my lack of postings.  I started school and all is well in that area.  I’m one step closer to that news desk 😉  I never thought I’d say that I like school and really, I never did.  But, having gone through *a lot* to get here…well, it makes me feel blessed.  It makes me feel thankful for having this open window before me.  I’m so beyond excited at the idea of an internship this fall. *fingers crossed that I get accepted* 

In other news, I discovered that my city has an Origins store.  Uh-oh.  This could mean very bad things for my bank account.  I get so insanely excited about skincare; I’m certain it’s just not normal.  I ordered some products a couple of weeks ago and they are divine.  I added some more to my collection today.  I only went in to get one thing…I swear.  But, I left with four.  One was a freebie since I spent over a certain dollar amount.  That store smelled amazing.  I didn’t want to leave.  I just wanted to stare at the those pretty bottles all afternoon.  I even thought of getting a part-time job there just for the discount.  No lie.  My love with Origins just started, but holy moly…it came on fast.  And it’s true love.  I will do an in depth review of everything soon.  I promise.  In the meantime, get your hands on the Drink Up Intensive Mask.  It’s amazing in every sense of the word.  You rub it into your skin and go to sleep with it on.  It’s like a thick cream.  You wake up with gorgeous skin.  And really, what woman doesn’t want that?  It smells like fresh peaches.  LOVE.  If you only try one thing from this line; try that product.  You will thank me.

Also, anyone else get really excited over new laundry stuff??????  I do.  Crazy excited.  And those scent beads?  Stolen my heart and now everyone and their brother makes them.  I’ve even mentioned them in my monthly favorites.  Gain is my fav.  However, Final Touch just came out with some.  I found mine at Wall to the Mart.  They smell divine.  Yes, I know that’s spelled incorrectly. 

Have you all discovered any new skincare or makeup items recently??  If so, dish.  I bought a Bare Minerals Lipstick today.  Ordered online.  Cannot wait to get it!  It’s red, it’s gorgeous, it’s so me.  Love you all.  Hope you’re well.