Yesterday I registered for classes. Yesterday I became an official “student”. I haven’t been to school in quite some time and to be honest, it bored me to tears UNLESS it was a class that involved something creative like music or English. I loved both, so I did well at both. I will be taking the bulk of my classes online, but will have to take a few on campus as well. I thought to myself, I just have to stay motivated; I just have to stay determined. Do I like school? No. Do I really want to spend more time and money going? Not really. BUT, do I want to intern at a tv news station? Yes. Do I want to be the face of the news? Yes. It’s just like ABC. You complete one and go on to the next level. I can’t go from A to C without going through B. B is school. A is me now. C is my news anchor job. I have always loved this quote and thought I’d share:

-“Where the heart is willing it will find a thousand ways, but where it is unwilling it will find a thousands excuses.”

This can be applied to anything in life really. No matter which mountain you’re facing. No matter the size of the mountain. Stay focused, allow yourself to learn along the way, and make yourself a better YOU. I have learned my greatest lessons from regret and from things I wished I had handled differently. I’ve learned that the past is just that…no matter how badly you’d like to change it. I view mine as the tarnished me and the future will be the polished me. Allow room for failure…that comes as a natural part of life. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but I’m being realistic. Don’t set the bar so high that you let yourself down. I’ve done that too. And if you DO fall, just pick yourself up and keep going. We aren’t promised anything in this life, but you can promise yourself that you can and WILL keep trying until you reach the peak of your mountain. You won’t allow falls to keep you down; you will simply find out why you fell and change the outcome. On days that you’re down on yourself; remember this: Only YOU can change what is to come and only YOU can be the best you there is….love yourself and most importantly, allow others to see the diamond in the rough. It’s reality, it’s life, it’s just what it is. It isn’t something to be shameful of. For you too, will shine, if you just keep polishing. Stay motivated. Stay determined. You can do this.