Long time, no post..I know. I have been meaning to write this post and am now just getting around to it. I’m going to list the favorite products I’ve used from the past few months.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator – I have huge beef w Revlon right now. They discontinued a mascara that I’ve worn and have loved for about 7 yrs. It was HG status. I was not and am not happy about this, which I stated in an email to them. This sent me on a hunt for a mascara to replace my beloved one. Rimmel, you may be my new favorite thing and company of life. This is awesome stuff. Run to get it if you’ve never tried it. I’m on my 1st tube and it’s already a staple. Granted, I’d rather have the Revlon one…but what can you do?!

Olay Silk Whimsey Bar Soap and Shower Gel – LOVE. This smell just makes me smile and feel happy. I bought the s/g over and over, then found the bar soap on clearance at Target. I tried it and it’s amazing too. If pink had a smell, this would be it 🙂

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – My hair stylist and I were having a chat about foundation. She is white and pasty like I am. She told me about this. I tried it and it’s really nice, esp for the price. I mix two colors as I find the lightest shade is *too* white…did I seriously just say that…never thought I would?! Anyhow, I mix 110 and 115. Two dabs of each and blend. I’d say it’s medium coverage. Can be used w a lighter hand or could be considered full coverage w two applications. Can go either way depending on what you like.

Yves Rocher Pure Calmille Cleansing Gel – This was in my 1st order from YR. I had a few hits and a few just so so products. I love this. It can go quickly, but I do use more than I should I think. It’s a gel and it makes your skin feel like silk. No lather though…you just rub it on and rinse. Never burns my eyes, which is a plus, but still removes makeup. I plan to re-order.

Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Night Cream – Love this little gem. I have to be careful when I say that…things tend to get discontinued when I do. LOL It’s about 10-11 bucks at Target. Little goes a long way. Makes my skin feel great, doesn’t burn my under eye area, can be worn under makeup(small amount), and I love the smell of it. It feels silky going on and keeps my dry patches to a minimum in the winter. Try this if you haven’t. Will definitely re-purchase.

The Paper Kites, “Bloom”. Love this band. I discovered them last month. Here’s a link to the video for Bloom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8inJtTG_DuU

Hope you all are well.