Do you ever wonder why you are in a certain place at a certain time? This could mean a one day/one moment kind of thing or it could be a situation that involves a little more of your time. At one time, I believed in coincidences and I would say they still occur, but for the most part..I feel that there’s a time, purpose, and plan for everything. Even small things.

Whenever I think, “why am I even here” I receive a reminder as to why. I don’t mean, “why am I on this planet” kind of thing, but more of a “why do I work here, why do I know this person, why did that person cross my path” thing.

Remember, there is a purpose for your life. There’s a purpose for you being right where you are right in this very moment. God wrote your story a long time ago and you are simply living it. I can honestly say this past year has been a year of big changes for me…some I hated and some I didn’t mind. But as I sit here on the last day of this year; I know that I am on my journey to being who I was intended to be. I speak openly about my story and love of being a news anchor at some point. I can’t wait! I feel so strongly about it in my heart and know it’s what I am meant to do and be. I have one hurdle ahead of me though and that is to complete my degree. I will do it even if it kills me.

Be all that you are every day. Life is so short and you just never know when you will take your last breath. Not to be morbid, but it’s so true. Reflect back on this year. Your successes and your trials. I don’t believe in making new year’s resolutions; I believe in making changes for the good. Be true to you….you’re here for a very special reason even if you don’t know why just yet.

Another post to follow in the coming days…doing my December favorites!