Where’s your place of solitude? The place that you go to or that thing you do and it feels like a tiny slice of heaven right in the palm of your hand? Where’s your peace of mind or feeling of comfort? That feeling that says, “ooh, I could stay here forever”. I have a few.

1. The smell of coffee brewing when I’m barely awake. Holding a cup of it in my hands within seconds and taking that first yummy sip.

2. Ulta. I love that place and could browse the aisles for hours. I love their point system too…they give me great coupons 🙂 I will say, however, Sephora kicks their butt when it comes to samples and their perfume selection.

3. Trying a nice smelling shampoo for the first time.

4. Sitting in the salon chair, cape over me, getting my hair trimmed. Bliss.

5. Yankee Candle. Sure, I may work there, so I might be partial, but still.. It’s such a comfort to me. Love my job there and love the staff we have. Great team. I feel like I have my own personal fan club everytime I work. Just really appreciated…and it means a lot to me.

6. Cracking open a brand spanking new tube of lipstick.

7. Anthropologie. They are way too pricey, but I love going in there just to look. I could stare at their dishes for hours. I looooooooooooooove pretty dishes. The dainty ones that one should never eat off of.

8. Clean bed sheets! You drift off smelling your fabric softener.

9. I am a music fanatic, but have a few songs that I can listen to over and over. Re-discovering songs I had forgotten about. “Oh yeah, I love you…how’d I forget about you?” That perfect tune, sound, beat, lyrics, feeling…

10. Blessing others. God blesses me daily and I’m so grateful. I’m pretty certain He blesses you too…return that love to someone else.