Soooo, in the land of beauty guru-ville on Youtube, one always does their “favorites of the month” videos.  I don’t have a channel, so I wanted to write about them here.


1.  E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set  – I cannot say enough good things about this.  I used one bottle and have already re-purchased another one.  LOVE.  It holds my makeup in place and really cuts down on the oilies you can get in your t-zone.  The best part…it’s 3 bucks at Target. 

2.  Source Skincare Deeply Moisturizing Body Wash – I found this gem at Aldi.  It’s their version of Dove Hydrating Body Wash.  It’s just as creamy and rich as the Dove.  However, it’s 2.99!  The smell is similar to the Dove regular scented version(they have a ton of scents now).

3.  Vaseline – Staple of mine.  I have a huge jar that I always go back to.  It’s cheap and so versatile.  I use this on my lips at night, I use it on dry patches that I sometimes get on my face in the winter, I mix it with lotion to create more moisture when my hands are really dry.  Love.  I also use this under my eyes at night to reduce fine lines from appearing.  Some would balk at that, but it does the trick for me and never burns my eyes.  Huge thumbs up.

4.  Sugarworks Bath Body Scrub – I have one in the scent Black Chateau.  Here’s a link to the sister site…  Great products and scents.  The scrub is thick and creamy, but still very scrubby.  I can smell it on my skin for hours after I use it.

5.  Zinc Oxide Ointment – This is known as baby ointment.  I buy just the regular zinc ointment though…it’s around 1-2 bucks for a tube.  Great for cuts and more importantly, it’s amazing for pimples/zits.  Dries them right up!  I’m never without this and will use it at night if I have a breakout on my face. 

6.  Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo – I got this in a sample kit I got in the mail.  LOVE the smell of this.  I wish I could bottle it and wear it as perfume.  I’ve bought full sized bottles three times since.  Amazing lather as well.  It’s not super moisturizing, so I use the matching conditioner with it.

7.  Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub – I heard someone say this smelled like pumpkin pie.  Ummm, sold!  I love anything pumpkin, so I tried it.  It does indeed smell that way and it’s great stuff.  I am down to one last use in my jar, so I need more of it.  Hard to find at times it seems(like at Ulta or Walfart), but my Target usually has it in stock.  Great stuff and makes your skin feel awesome.  I usually wash my face afterwards just to get rid of any remaining scrub pieces.  I have a hard time not eating this; it just smells THAT good. 

Okeedokie, that’s all I have for now.  I will do another favorites list in a month from now.  Much love.