Have you ever crossed someone’s path that you helped or maybe didn’t help, but later wondered about?  A total stranger that you never knew the name of?  Recently, I crossed paths with a woman.  I was walking in a parking lot to my car and suddenly hear this heartbreaking cry.  She had fallen and was crying.  I ran to help her and to make certain she was okay.  I wish now that I had asked her for her name.  I have prayed off on and on for her since that day.  She told me about how terrible her week had been, how hard and you could hear the weakness and fatigue in her voice.  My heart broke for her and my eyes filled up with tears.


Was it a test of doing the right thing or was it a matter of being right where God wanted me and when?  Sadly, I don’t always have too much faith in humanity.  I am a realist.  I am also going to school to be a news anchor.  I love the news and watch it often.  However, it can make a person cynical and somewhat jaded when you stop and think about what a sick world we live in.  I try to remind myself that even though society is messed up; I can be the difference people see.  They may be too selfish to see the good right in front of them, they may think they are too good to help someone in need, but love and goodness always win.  I believe that.  Allow God to use you when He can.  You may be the only glimpse of Him that person sees.