I love watching certain Youtube beauty channels.  I have a channel, but only so that I can subscribe to other channels.  I don’t make videos myself and I’m not sure that I ever will to be honest.  I’m fine with blogging, but videos are a different story.  Anyhow, there’s a tag going around and Youtubers are filming the “random facts about me” videos.  I thought I’d do one here instead.


1.  I love the smell of cinnamon.  Anytime, anywhere.  It’s my favorite scent ever.  In my car, house, you name it…  You know that smell when you enter the Christmas section of a store..like the holiday decor section?  Yep, that smell.

2.  I work part time at Yankee Candle.  I hate when people say, “oh isn’t that a winter scent?”  Um, no.  It’s a “if you like the scent, burn it…even if it is 100 degrees outside”  Who said that scents…perfume or candles have to be used at certain times during the year?  I don’t like that rule nor believe in it.

3.  I am very observant, but don’t like it when others are observant of me.  Like when someone points out something I do or am currently doing.  It annoys me even though I laugh about it..LOL

4.  I have loved the city of Boston for as long as I can remember.  Even before I actually went to visit, I loved it.  Not sure how that’s possible, but nonetheless…  Loved it even more once I actually went and I’ve always said I could live there..no problem.

5.  I hate when people stare at me, especially if it’s a stranger.  Alltime #1 pet peeve.  I want to look at them and say, “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?”

6.  I do not like the 4pm-6pm time of day.  It’s a boring, sad, depressing type feeling that I get at this time every day and have for as long as I can remember.  One Youtuber pointed this out in her random facts video.  I seriously thought I was the only person alive that felt this way. 

7.  My favorite color is red, but oddly enough…a lot of my decor is black and a lot of my clothes are black.  I have a lot of red too, but you will see me with something black on everyday…even if I am wearing red. 

8.  I am pretty certain that I have the worst luck of anyone alive.  Someone said to me this week, “yeah if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any at all”  Yeah, I’m going to choose the latter.  I’d rather have NO luck than bad. 

9.  I love lipstick more than life itself.  I wear it all of the time.  Everyday.  The only time I really don’t wear it is at bedtime.  But, for some weird reason people like to point out to me that I’m wearing lipstick.  They will say to me, “oh you’re wearing lipstick”  I have to really hold myself back from looking at them and saying, “um yeah…no kidding, sherlock”  Do yourself a favor, do the *world* a favor and listen to this piece of advice:  don’t be a captain obvious…people find it very annoying.

10.  I really think I have a social disorder of some type.  I’m not sure what it is or what causes it, but it’s definitely there.  I don’t like going to places or events where I don’t know anyone.  I think it’s because I have a huge shy side to me(even though other people never see me as shy)that I revert to when in situations such as this.  I don’t like small talk.  It’s fake and boring to me.

11.  I am a “principal” person.  If someone wrongs me or says something just uncalled for, I have a hard time letting it go.  I know that isn’t a good thing, but I always think…”it’s just the principal!”  And, I live my life like this.  I’d rather be standing alone for the right thing than standing with millions for the wrong.

12.  I am not a follower.  I never gave in to peer pressure.  I don’t like anything that’s considered a “fad” or “in the now”… 

13.  I have no problems calling someone out for doing or saying something wrong, mean, disrespectful, or hurtful.  If you disrespect me, you’re going to hear about it.  If you hurt someone in my presence, watch your step.  I’m like a guard dog.

14.  I am an only child, which I hate, but on the flip…am every much a loner because of it.  I have to remind myself that having people in my life is a good thing and that I need not do everything or go everywhere alone.

15.  I haven’t owned a scale in a very long time.  I get obsessive about weighing myself when I have them, which I don’t feel is healthy, so I stopped owning one.  When I get weighed at my dr’s office, I don’t let them tell me what my weight is.

16.  I cannot imagine not starting my day with coffee.  I am very much a routine kind of person and if my routine is changed in the least, I get an uneasy feeling inside that something just isn’t right.  This happens to me a lot when I go on vacation.

17.  I consume a lot of liquid in a day’s time.  Mostly water.  This doesn’t help the fact that I’m a huge germaphobe and hate public bathrooms more than anything.  They freak me out 100%.

18.  I do not like Halloween and I never have.  I don’t like costumes and I really didn’t like them as a child.  I felt like if you couldn’t see the person’s face, they were hiding something and were not trustworthy.  LOL

19.  I don’t like talking on the phone, but I looooooove texting.

20.  Music is something I have loved since I’ve been alive.  I remember having stacks of records even when I was 3-4 yrs old.  My taste in music has changed over the years, but I like a lot of different types.  I can’t narrow it down to a favorite song, but maybe 10 alltime favorites.  I wanted to major in vocal music in college, but didn’t want to be a teacher…I really wanted to be famous,  I realized I had better not bank on that if I wanted to put food on my table.  Needless to say, I picked another major 🙂

What are some random facts you care to share?