I, for one, love politics.  I enjoy hearing about them, reading the updates, following my candidate of choice on the campaign trail, and seeing them in person at rallies.  I love when people ask me who I’m voting for.  A lot of people think it’s in poor judgement to ask, but nonetheless…I like it when they do 🙂 

Much like being a Christian, I don’t cram what I believe or stand for down another person’s throat.  I may not understand why you’re choosing to vote for someone other than who I’m choosing, but we can agree to disagree.  Not to say that I haven’t gone on some tangents….becacuse I totally have.  It’s more important that you actually do vote and allow your voice to be heard.  It’s about taking the time to stand for what you believe in and not forgetting why we have such freedom in the first place.  It’s a respect thing.  It’s about honoring those that have allowed us to have our freedom.  It’s about standing up for our great country.  It’s simply part of being an American.  I went to a rally this year and had a lot of fun.  It’s something you definitely want to experience at some point if you never have. 

I’m anxious about the election and Tuesday will be an interesting day.  “Clear Eyes.  Full Hearts.  Can’t Lose!”