Was there ever a moment in your life that you heard someone say something either directly to you or just in general, that really stuck with you?  Those moments when your elders said, “later on you will be thankful for that..”  One time, I went to church with this girl that I later became friends with.  She and I were talking about what we liked about ourselves and what we didn’t(I think we were around 12-13 years old)on the way to the mall one day.  Her mom was taking us there and she overheard what I had said.  She told me the features I disliked the most about myself would later on become my favorites.  She was right!!!  I mean, what 12 year old wants to admit any parent is right though?  Even if it’s not your own parent…none.  I laugh at myself when I think about that now, but it’s something that always stuck with me. 

My grandma has the kindest heart of anyone I know.  She’s the closest thing to a saint that a human being will ever be.  She told me once that she was always taught as child that when company or guests came to your house, you made them feel welcome and you gave them part of whatever meal you had to prepare…even if it was your last.  They were your guest and in that time, you cherished that.  I love her generation the most for that reason.  They know the meaning of respect, kindness, and appreciation.  Things are so very different now in our society. 

One time when I was in one of the lowest moments of my life; I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom just sobbing.  My dad lifted me to my feet, looked me right in the eyes, and said, “I know this is hard for you and I know you think you’re not strong enough to get through this, but this is the time that you must pull yourself up by your boot straps and just keep going..keep walking..put one foot in front of the other because really, there’s nothing else you CAN do”  He was right. 

Just a few moments that I look back on and reflect on….  It’s amazing how so few words can have such an impact on you not only in that moment, but forever, if spoken at the proper time.  Knowledge is power as they say, but wisdom….wisdom is a guide for this thing called life.  Should anyone ever share any with you; take it to heart and remember it.  The day will come that you will want to remember.