What makes you confident?  The more birthdays that pass, the more I analyze my personality.  I have no idea why; just something I’ve observed about myself.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about this topic and about how many things can truly play a factor in having it…or not.  It’s such a personal thing and I think there’s so many that just don’t realize that.  They rely on others to give them confidence and the truth is, it’s just like with anything else…it must begin with you.  I don’t recall ever being tempted by peer pressure, but at the same time..I just never cared what others thought.  I was nice to everyone, but typically did my own thing in high school.  I always rooted for the underdog and be-friended those that didn’t have any friends.  To me, not having friends was very unnecessary.  Doing what I love gives me confidence.  Whether that be standing for the right thing or principal, singing, writing, or playing with all of my cosmetics….  Just a few things I enjoy, but my point is…being surrounded by what I love makes me happy.  That in turn, makes me confident.  Knowing that God gave me my interests, passions, and hobbies for a reason.  He gave me the will to be a journalist or reporter for a reason.  I always thought beauty and careers in television were vain.  They are in a sense, but I also realized that I have to look at it in a different fashion.  I think they are vain only if you love them for the wrong reasons.  Like to impress someone or if you’re doing them just for show.  Be true to what you love, be true to your passion, be true to yourself.  The rest will fall into place.  I promise.  Believe in who you are.  You have the choice to be your greatest friend and quite frankly, it’s not something you want to miss out on 🙂


Lipstick!  Who doesn’t love that topic?  I went through my stash and tried to organize them.  Tried, is the key word.  I always go back to my “old faithful” colors/formulas/brands, no matter how many tubes I accumulate.  I am loving the Revlon Lip Stains.  My friend from Boston sent me some.  They are these giant crayon type things and they smell like fresh mint.  Kind of dry, so I do wear gloss over them, but nonetheless….I’m loving these.  Try them if you haven’t!


Last but not least, I love Kate.  She’s the author of a blog that I read almost every day.  She has no clue I’m even adding her link here, but I wanted to share it…she’s a hair stylist, so she does hair tutorials all of the time.  She also loves Target, coffee, and shoes.  What’s not to love about those three things?!  Here’s the link:



Check it out if you can.  Good stuff.  Remember, just believe…