Today was just that for me.  I found myself wondering that several times today.  Like when they are only supposed to close part of the road being worked on, yet the entire thing is blocked off?  When you are at a 4 way stop, two roads crossing, and there’s a man on a bicycle in the middle of the two roads like there are no cars in sight?  When you are in a waiting area of an office or somewhere and someone is loudly talking on their cell phone so the whole room can hear their personal business?  When there’s other workers at the post office walking around, yet no one comes to help the poor man out front that has a huge line waiting to mail off things?  Like when someone is being rude just because they can?    Why do people sit and I mean SIT at green lights?  Why does a person walk into Target only to buy one thing but find themselves wanting THE WHOLE STORE?  I think they put something in the air 😉  Please tell me why common sense isn’t at all common? 

Do you ever have why kind of days where you ask yourself that question 100 times a day?  In other beauty news:  I am loving the mascara from Jordana.  Black.  And the best part…it’s 2.99 at Walgreens.  It’s my fav cosmetic aside from lipstick, so when I thought my HG mascara was being disc…I was on the hunt for something similar.  This is very close IF not better.  Check it out; it’s great stuff I promise.  Their lipgloss is also really nice.  Yummy scents and nice formulas.  I going to leave you and find some wood to go knock on…  Every time I say I love something in the beauty world, it gets discontinued.  Last but not least, I *love* the new nail polish by Fergie for Wet n Wild in Velvet Lounge.  It’s this deep, rich, slightly frosted/slightly sparkly(not glittery)red color.  Red is my favorite color and I would say that’s what I mostly have in np, but yet I can tell a difference in all of them.  What are you loving at the moment?