I have been talking with an advisor of a college so that I can learn about finishing my degree.  I always thought I wanted to do something music related as a career, but unless you’re *famous*…you won’t be putting much food on your table.  Let’s face it.  I chose my 2nd option or desire, which was the news.  Broadcasting.  Reporting.  Journalism.  Being the one that you saw at a certain time every day, telling you what was going on in the world.  Confession:  I hate school with a passion and always have.  I get bored so easily and when that happens, my mind wonders and it’s hard for me to focus.  If I could study the concept of makeup or perfume; I’d make straight A’s.  I do well with things I love.  But, I keep telling myself….you will *never* work behind that tv screen unless you get your butt back to school…this isn’t up for debate.  And I want that job.  I want my dream to come true.  God help me, I will get there.  I chose the name of this blog because I often wonder, “if I had the chance to do anything, what would it be?”  I would be an anchor.  There’s so much I haven’t been able to control in the past month, but I can control this.  I do think we are given a deck of cards to play, but it’s up to us to decide the order in which they are played.  I must not worry about things I can’t change, but rather change the ones I can.


This is Shana, reporting to you live, from heres your chance blog