Do you think reality can take away your happiness inside?  I am a realist 100%.  If something stinks, then I say…”wow, that stinks”  If something is great, then peachy, let’s roll with it.  I am not going to hand you a glass of sunshine when quite frankly, you have a glass of mud.  I’ve had some very unwanted changes in the last month and while it is what it is, I felt like I had been hit by mack truck.  Oh lookie there…some more changes I didn’t want nor expect.  I will say, as much as I don’t like unwanted change, I do adapt quickly.  Thank God.  And, I will always believe that things happen for a purpose.  I saw a lot of ugly but true colors to a lot of people.  Uh-oh there goes my wall going back up…just when you think you know someone…  I’m grateful that I am who I am and that I do not have a fake bone in my body.  Keeps me grounded.

Having said all of that, I am going to make a list of things that no matter what I’m going through, always make happy. 

1.  Fall!  I love you, can’t you stick around all year? 

2.  Coffee.  Need I really say any more?

3.  Fergie nail polish in Velvet Lounge.  I could wear you on my nails every day for the rest of time.

4.  Music.  I love so many kinds…  Where do I begin?!

5.  Candles/tarts.

6.  The smell of freshly laundered clothes or sheets.

7.  Bananas.

8.  Getting my Ulta catalog in the mail each month.  I love their points system and coupons.

9.  Perfume.

10.  Wearing black.  It’s not my fav color, but I wear it like it’s my job.

and a bounus:  Lipstick!!


What do you love?  Do you see the glass half full or empty?  Or are you like me?