Do you believe in them?  I thought I did at one time, but they are rare if you really think about it.  I say that because I think things happen for a reason, with a purpose, by the guidance from above even when we aren’t asking for it.  The last few days have been a challenge in so many ways.  I see the signs written all over the wall ahead.  I’d like to think I have a pretty good grip on reality…pretty level headed…pretty logical.  Even so, in the midst of shock or emotion, you question all that you know the answer to already.  You question your character, you question what you’re made of, you ask if you could have done something differently to cause a different outcome.  Regardless my friend, the outcome is just that…and there’s no changing something like that.  It doesn’t matter how you got there, it matters that it happened, and what you will do in that moment.  A wise person told me this week to just ride along with waves in life…you will brush up against them, but you will handle them, one by one.  For that it easier than fighting what you cannot change.  Find your peace in the midst of chaos and hang onto that.  It will smile back at you with warmth even as your eyes fill with tears.  Adjust, accept, adapt.  A change is a comin’ and that too, shall pass.