Did you have one of those typical Mondays?  I know I did!  I’m thankful to have another day of life, don’t get me wrong.  I just felt like the day was whispering in my ear saying, “here take this!  take that!”  Just one thing after another.  Those days make you want to eat something really awful for you like a huge bowl of ice cream.  I didn’t, but it’s only because I don’t have any in my freezer…going to be totally honest here.  LOL 

What are you thankful for?  I remind myself even in the midst of a crummy day that God still loves me and that I am here for a reason.  He gave me a purpose.  The older I become, the more I see how corrupt our society has become.  The more I take notice of people only looking out for themselves.  I encourage you to take a stand for what you know to be right…even if that means standing alone.  It’s a lonely place sometimes…that standing alone thing…but means so much more at the end of the day.  Brace yourself.  Love yourself(yes, it’s okay to do that).  And never allow anyone to make you compromise yourself.  You came into the world alone and you will exit alone.  Remain true to all that you are and know.  Always.